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Braedons Championship Quest

Our friend Braedon rice joined us at Absolute Fitness on January of 2017. Braedon joined us with a goal of improving his Martial Arts abilities and becoming a Better Muay Thai Fighter. Braedon says that he’s been training for over 9 years, and counting now, and doesn’t plan on stopping.

When Braedon joined he says that he felt as if he had become stagnant in his training and he was feeling as if he wasn’t moving forward with his training anymore. He thought that a combination of not having the right people at the appropriate place to train with and the lack of leadership and mentorship were part of his problem. But, Braedon says the biggest obstacle he faced was his own mindset, which was stuck in a narrow minded training regime.

While trying to figure out how to improve his training he heard from his friends that Absolute Fitness, a locally owned gym, was tailored to performance training, and athletes that were in the Martial Arts. He googled Absolute Fitness to see what we were all about and liked what he found.

At the same time as he was looking for information his girlfriend was also looking for a gym. Braedon told her all about Absolute and showed her our website and she instantly signed up. After a few classes Braedon talked to her to see how things were going and she mentioned that it was very informative and awesome, so Braedon, looking to improve his Martial Arts and fighting abilities, headed down to sign up.

The first 3 months of training at Absolute Fitness were not much of a difference to Braedon. Braedon was a fighter he was used to putting in hours and hours of grueling work to prepare for a fight. Absolute Fitness was no different in the volume of work and he took it in stride. Braedon focused on his martial arts training, feeling very optimistic that having a new trainer, and new people to train with, were going to lead to more success in his sport.

A few months later Braedon became frustrated with his training again. He found that he was off balance a lot and getting pushed around during training. He would often get taken down to the floor and didn’t understand why. He began to feel as if he was not moving forward in his training, like he wanted to, and thought maybe he had gone as far as he could take it and wasn’t physically able to push it any further.

Frustrated with his lack of progress he decided to reach out to his trainers for a helping hand.

After reviewing his training program it turned out that Braedon was training strictly in the Martial Arts. We Discussed that even though his goal was to improve his Martial Arts and become a better fighter, training only in the Martial Arts was actually holding him back. Braedon needed to add a proper strength and conditioning program on top of his Martial Arts.

Braedon was not familiar with training strength and conditioning and he thought to himself he had always had a coach training him in the martial arts. He decided that since he didn’t know much about training in strength and conditioning he would save some time and energy and hire a personal trainer to help him figure out how to properly train himself.

After spending months training his strength and conditioning, with a coach, Braedon’s confidence in his abilities has improved tremendously. He says “one of the things I like most about training at Absolute Fitness is the fact that all the training is relative to everything you do in life.” He added “I see improvements in every aspect of life, from Martial Arts, to work, and even in my leisure activities such as long boarding.”

On top of all that success, Braedon has gone on to win the 2019 WKA national Muay Thai open class championship, which means at 173lbs he’s the best Muay Thai fighter in Canada in that weight division. Winning this tournament grants him an invite to compete on the world stage coming up in october of 2019 in Poland.

With all his current success we asked Braedon if he had any challenges he had to overcome to reach his goals, and he answered “Self doubt, sometimes it’s hard to figure out where you’re going wrong, and the easy thing to do is doubt you’re even capable of reaching the goals you’ve set out.''

Braedon says the way he broke those feelings of doubt was “I asked for help from my coaches, I trusted them and the process they set out for me, and got consistent with my training.”

To anyone else that may be struggling with similar problems in their training Braedon says “Get to the gym and just do it, better yet go to Absolute Fitness. Trust the people there because they know what they’re doing.”

Thanks for all the kind words Braedon, and congratulations with all your success both in your sport and in your life.

If you’re facing a plateau in your training, give us a call at 403-347-9669, or shoot us an email at, we’re more than happy to help you reach your fitness goals.

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