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Summer Bodyweight Workout

It is finally starting to feel like summer out there!

With all the adventures, camping, vacations etc. It can be tough making it into the gym (especially if it's already been a while :-P). BUT!! We have got you covered! Give this bodyweight workout a try anywhere! No equipment necessary. We have even linked short demonstration videos for your convenience.

Give this one a shot and let us know how it went :)

Workout #1

General Mobilization

Bear Walks 2x15-20 feet forward and backwards Single Leg Anterior Chain Stretch 2×5 Lizard Stretch 2x5 Shifting Pigeons 2x5 seconds in each position Squat to Flexion Drill 1x10


Ankle Stretches and Prep 2×3-5 in each direction Shin Boxes 2×10 with Hip Extension each side Shoulder Clock Stretches 1 set of 3 reps in each position


3-5 Rounds

Long Jumps x10 across the room - forward Push Ups x10 (level 1) or 5 Push Up Complex (level 2) Backwards Jumps x10 across the room Back Extensions x10 Lateral Skater Jumps x10 on each side V-tucks x10 (level 1) or V-ups x10 (level 2)


Cobra Walk Outs to Child’s Pose x5 Death Stretches 2x30 seconds each side Shifting Pigeons 2x10-30 seconds in each position Hamstring Stretch 2x30-60 seconds

Need more explanations on some of the exercises?

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Send us a message or give us a call 403 347 9669 and let us know how we can help you become your best.

Enjoy your summer!!

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