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Tori's new found Passion

Tori mooney is a local full time Red Deer College student. Tori’s usually busy studying hard at the college, running from class to class, spending her spare time, also studying hard, earning top grades in her studies. Being such a busy college student Tori found herself neglecting her fitness and not feeling very good about it.

Tori says that growing up she had never been an athletic person, she had never gone hiking, or even played frisbee. Tori says “I was so self conscious that I would embarrass myself, attempting to do something like joining a fitness class, because I felt like I couldn’t do anything.” With this negative mindset Tori set out and attempted to figure out fitness quietly on her own.

Tori says that she tried to work out but she was often in a hurry and never understood what she was doing during her work outs. Tori says “my idea of working out was running on a treadmill or elliptical for 10 min and then doing sit ups afterwards.” Tori admitted that she hated running, and had no motivation to run, but would force herself to do it. A short time later Tori would end up with horrible knee pain that would make it hard for her to walk and get around for weeks. Tori would be forced to stop training, because of her injury, which made her feel like a total failure and made her feel as if maybe fitness was not meant for her.

This was not Tori’s first attempt at fitness either. Tori says she has been unsuccessfully trying to figure out the whole fitness thing for about 6 years now. Each unsuccessful attempt Tori experienced added to the negative mind set that she had developed but she was still too scared to ask for help.

Tori knew she needed a drastic change to figure things out. She decided to ask for help so she hired a personal trainer and things started to look up. Tori was finally seeing some results but Tori says “The only focus I had was just to go to training and get skinny. Not to learn a new lifestyle or learn how to stay fit.” On top of that Tori was still trying to force herself to do a workout she didn’t want to do, instead of building a healthy relationship with her body and exercise. She started to dread training days and became more and more bitter towards working out, she soon fell back to her previous sedentary lifestyle.

Tori was feeling defeated, but she decided to switch things up again, she was not going to give up. Tori heard that there was a kickboxing class at the Red Deer College, and decided that it was a structured class, that would keep her accountable, and she figured she might end up working out without feeling like she was working out. She thought maybe this would be what she was looking for so she joined.

In the first class Tori found out it was being run by Absolute Fitness, a local gym that she had heard offered some intense workouts. During the kickboxing classes Tori was surprised about how much she was able to do, and with how much fun she was having learning new and exciting exercises. Tori was definitely put outside of her comfort zone but found that she was still having fun.

The kickboxing classes came to an end and Tori was faced with making a decision of continuing her training at Absolute Fitness or trying to go at it alone again. As she sat and thought about what she was going to do she became very nervous about going into the gym. She began to imagine how embarrassing it would be if she went in and was the only one that didn’t know what was going on. How people might start to laugh at her or look down on her for holding up a class because she couldn’t figure something out. But then she thought about going to the gym on her own the frustration of doing the same thing over and over, only to end up with knee injuries, and not being able to move for weeks at a time, and then the feelings of doubt and uncertainty. Tori thought about the two options, and found that one option was not what she wanted for herself, she made up her mind and proceeded to the gym.

Tori walked into the gym with the goal of losing some weight and making fitness a priority in her life. As she walked in she was greeted with smiling faces and positive attitudes. Tori says nobody was looking down at her, or judging her for not knowing what to do, instead they were offering her a helping hand and giving her advice on how to do things correctly. “Seeing everybody being so positive and how everybody made fitness a priority and instead of giving me the cold-shoulder for not having my fitness together, they offered me a helping hand like they believed that I could do this, it gave me the feeling like, I could do this.”

Tori says she felt like she was part of the team at Absolute Fitness, the way everybody was coming together to give her a helping hand in understanding what was going on in the classes. If there was any time that she didn’t understand something, Tori says that she never worried about getting injured because there’s always someone around that would take the time to slow things down and give her corrections on how to do things properly.

Tori soon found that she was getting stronger and that she was able to go to the gym more and more. Tori started going to the gym twice a week but a few months into training at Absolute Fitness, Tori was going in 4-6 times a week sometimes even going two to three times a day. Tori says she’s learned so much about proper body mechanics on how to lift in and outside of the gym, and her flexibility has improved which has helped with her knee pain.

“I’ve learned that a painful area is just a message your body sends to tell you that your form or lifting mechanics are off.” Tori says she has had little to no knee pain which is something she has always had to deal with in the past. If she ever does feel knee pain starting up, she now knows what she needs to do to get rid of the pain. When things become too much for her Tori has learned that she is allowed to take a break without having self defeating thoughts of why she’s not working out.

Tori has currently lost over 60 lbs, has built a ton of confidence in herself, and now says that she can set new and bigger goals for herself. Like going outside hiking, playing frisbee and even running. Since Tori began to train at Absolute she says that there’s been such a positive influence in every other aspect of her life not just in the gym “Everything from school work, relationships, self worth, everything I’m feeling good and happy about it.”

Tori says that the best part of Absolute Fitness is how much Absolute teaches you about fitness. She has learned so much about fitness as a whole that it has turned into a passion for her. She says that’s really why she keeps on training because she is inspired and wants to keep pushing forward to see how far she is able to take her fitness, which is much further than she had ever imagined.

Tori’s excited about making more progress with her physical fitness, and in her personal life. So much so that Tori has even redirected her school work to be more involved with health and fitness because it has become such a passion for her. Tori says she wants to let everybody know that they can do it too.

Tori says she remembers the first time she went to the gym, that she was terrified going in to Absolute, her hands were shaking, she was so nervous, and apologetic about holding the class up. Her first day she left the gym feeling like she shouldn’t be there because she was so unfit. She says “It was my biggest challenge, my mindset, where I would tell myself that I couldn’t do this.” She says the only reason she kept coming back was because everybody was so welcoming and gave her praise when she got the very little things right. She soon realized that it was the little things, put together little by little, over time that was the way we built our foundation. “Everybody at Absolute is here for the same reason for fitness gains, supporting each other, through the good and the tough times as a team should.”

Tori wants everybody to know, that if you’ve been wanting serious change in your fitness or life in general, to “Just start, don’t dwell on the reasons you give yourself for not being able to do it. Change your mindset, and ask for help, realize that no one is judging you but you yourself. Learn that real fitness is made up of little victories strung together over time, not magical leaps and bounds to get fit. The small setbacks are there to remind you to slow things down and look at how far you’ve come, enjoy what you’re capable of doing now. And above all else adopt a new mindset that Fitness is a whole life long investment in yourself that you need to continue to do to get and maintain what you want.”

What an inspirational story Tori, you have it absolutely right, fitness is a lifelong investment, you need to continue depositing into, for the rest of your life. It always makes it better when you have a whole team behind you helping you out through the good and the rough times.

If you need a hand with your fitness goals let Absolute Fitness be the Team you can rely on to get you to where you want to be. Give us a call at 403-347-9669 or send us an email at, look for us on facebook @absolutefitnessreddeer or on instagram at @absolutefitnessrd

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