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3 Key Components Every Training Program Should Have

Do you feel like you're wasting your time in the gym?

Is your program giving you the strength and athleticism you need?

Did you know there are 3 Key Components every program should have?!

These missing components are the reason for disappointing results and/or injury.

As a Strength and Conditioning Coach @ Absolute Fitness Red Deer, our programs have helped plenty of athletes:

  • Finish Obstacle Course Race runs - in record time

  • Compete in professional and amateur Muay Thai/Kickboxing and MMA

  • Break provincial and national records in swimming

  • Balance Triathletes to avoid burnout and injury

  • Help first responders stay healthy and fit for their job

We are dedicated to creating strong, powerful and explosive athletes who exceed everyone's expectation, including their own.

If even one of these key components is missing you will hit plateaus, your strength will decline, you will risk injury.

This will lead to wasted time and effort, missed training time and missed potential. You can't afford to spend months, trying to figure it out on your own, or searching the net for all the answers.

So what are the 3 Key Components?

1. Training with Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)

Following the RPE chart and guidelines will completely transform your results when it comes to strength training. The proper balance of intensity and volume will have you crushing Personal Records week after week.

2. Mobility, Stability and Activation

Yes! In that order! I'm sure you've heard some athlete's or coaches talking about it, but are you incorporating it into your training? This will add years and years to your training and improve your quality of life. Period.

3. Range of Motion Training

We address all three phases of the each lift and address your specific weakness during your lift.

If you have problems getting into a full squat, getting the bar off the ground or doing a full pull up, you need a program that addresses ROM training.

Here is what you get when you join our Athlete Training Camp:

  • Carefully calculated RPE ranges that will have you breaking old personal records week after week, month after month.

  • Tempo training that will strengthen every phase of your lift and transform you into an athletic BEAST!

  • A structured Strength and Conditioning program that will build a rock solid foundation that you can build explosiveness and athleticism on

  • Similar training methods that the "pro's" use to gain world class strength

  • And Much More!

If you're ready to get stronger and more athletic, join us today! Contact us or give us a call 403 347 9669

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