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Cheryl getting better results

Meet our friend Cheryl Murto. Cheryl enjoys an active lifestyle particularly things that are done outdoors such as hiking, paddle boarding, and even ice climbing. She noticed that in order to do most of the things that she enjoyed doing she needed to be strong and have very good cardiovascular health. Cheryl knew, from experience, that just being active and doing the things she loved wasn’t enough to keep her fit and able to do the things she loved, Cheryl knew she had to work on her fitness. So for a while Cheryl started going from place to place experimenting with different gyms and their training methods.

It all started one day, a few years back, when Cheryl found herself gaining a lot of weight and not being able to enjoy many of the activities that she once had. That’s when she made a choice, to distance herself from negative people and situations in her life and to start training to get her fitness back.

It wasn’t easy for her. Cheryl had a busy work schedule, plus she didn’t really know what to do or where to start. All Cheryl knew was that she wanted to lose the extra weight and be able to enjoy the activities that she used to enjoy before.

Cheryl tried a few different places to find the balance that she wanted, but never quite found it. She went to some places that offered many different types of equipment but no instruction or training on how to use the equipment or how to structure a workout. She felt lost and confused about what to do so she quickly decided to look elsewhere for help.

She then ended up at another gym where the focus was on a lot of cardio. She felt like maybe cardio would get her the results that she wanted which was losing weight and getting some definition in her body. But after doing the same thing for about a year, she never did get the results that she wanted. She started feeling frustrated since she was working really hard but not seeing or feeling any of the results that she wanted.

That’s when she saw an ad on facebook from Absolute Fitness. Frustrated with the lack of results she decided that she would give Absolute a try, she showed up to the front desk and signed up for a 21 day challenge.

Right from the start Cheryl liked the atmosphere, the small classes, and the attention the trainers had on her form and the corrections they gave her. She mentioned, “most other gyms, I went to, didn’t offer corrections on my form, I would’ve done exercises wrong forever without knowing I was doing them wrong.” She felt as though she had found something special with Absolute Fitness.

Cheryl was feeling excited about the training that was offered at Absolute Fitness but still had a membership at another gym. So when the 21 day challenge ended she didn’t commit at first but promised to be back when her membership expired at her other gym.

After a couple of months Cheryl showed up again, this time determined to commit, and get herself the results she wanted. She signed up and has now been consistently training for more than 6 months at Absolute Fitness.

Cheryl says that she is excited that she is finally seeing the results that she had been looking for. She is feeling stronger, more capable, more confident, and is finally seeing some definition that she has been wanting for so long.

Cheryl enjoys meeting new people at Absolute Fitness and says “everybody, from the trainers to the clients, are super friendly and have good attitudes.” She says the workouts have so much variety that she’s never bored and is always having fun in her training.

But one of the biggest things that Cheryl has taken away from training at Absolute Fitness is her mobility training. Cheryl says that she feels like getting up and moving is so much easier now, not quite so stiff and sore as before, and because of this she feels as if going outdoors is the thing to do again. Cheryl says that with her new strength and mobility she can head out doors and enjoy the things she likes the most, paddle boarding, ice climbing, hiking, and running.

Cheryl says her biggest challenge that she’s had to overcome, to get to her fitness goals, is not knowing how to train properly. She mentioned how she had gone to numerous other gyms and none of them had ever corrected her form or showed her how to plan a workout. She says the coaches at Absolute Fitness really know their stuff, they correct her when she needs it, the workouts are taught in a manner that she understands, and she can easily follow them when she’s on her own. She says the coaching at absolute fitness have made a tremendous difference in her fitness training.

When we asked Cheryl what she would say to someone facing the same challenges as her, she said "number 1 is to turn the t.v. off. Second is to schedule time for yourself to get your workouts in, and 3rd is to find a place that knows how to get the results you’re looking for."

That’s right Cheryl, a little simple planning and surrounding yourself with the right people can make all the difference you need to make your fitness goals a reality...

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