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Nutrition with coach Jessica

Seems like this year, people are really adopting the snap-back: “New Year, Same Me” as opposed to last year’s version, “New Year, New Me.”

Both mantras served a purpose in society at the turn of the New Year. Last year’s chant promoted the shedding of old skins and becoming what you wanted to be for the upcoming year.

This year’s theme is laced with a little more self-love and self-acceptance. And personally, I love this, because there’s no reason we can’t appreciate ourselves while making gains!

I am all about New Year’s resolutions, even if realistically, they only last three months. But those are three months where I either established a new habit, steered clear of bad ones, or just tried something new and that means I’m learning and growing.

This year, my resolution is that I am trying to incorporate more wholesome nutrition into my diet. Also known as vegetables. Lots and lots of vegetables. Here’s how I have decided to do that...

I decided I will have one green shake a day and one salad a day (minimum). Wait? That’s it? That’s it.

I wanted my goal to be achievable and to have longevity. Salads can be as complicated or as convenient as you want, think pre-made purchased salads versus chopping all of the vegetables yourself. Both are options, it’s all in how you want to ensure your success.

The green shake takes a little more effort, as I often meal prep this the night before, but again, I’m learning. I’ve learned I can shove the entire box of spinach in the freezer and it won’t go bad nearly as fast.

I’ve learned if I take the ten minutes to put all of the smoothie ingredients into the blender-cup and into the fridge the night before, I can blend and go in the mornings – meaning no chance of missing my shake the next day.

If you're interested in learning more on what to eat, are looking for some additional strategies for your meal prep, or just want a nutrition refresher, Absolute is hosting a nutrition seminar and we would love to have you there!

This seminar will be led by me, Coach Jessica, and it all takes place this Saturday Jan.26th at Absolute Fitness.

If you have any questions feel free to email us here or give us a call at 403-347-9669

Coach Jessica is a certified Personal Trainer,

Taekwondo black belt, and

active Muay Thai competitor.

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