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Training over the Christmas Holidays

With Absolute Fitness being closed for the holidays and only modified classes available at the gym, you might be thinking, “how am I going to keep on track with my workouts? I'm feeling so motivated and I'm finally being consistent!”

Relax. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You are an Absolute Fitness member. We know who you are. You’re ambitious, goal orientated, a go-getter. You like to push yourself, hit new PR’s, and smash through new and higher levels – All. The. Time.

So let’s talk about that. In 52 weeks this year, how many times did you take a full week off for recovery or just… because?

I’m going to guess for the lot of you, the number is relatively small. Let’s benevolently say, you took five weeks off this year. Did you know that is less than ten percent of the whole year? That means 90% of the year, you were working your butt off in the gym.

This Christmas, if you’d like to keep active definitely check out our modified schedule. That said, don’t beat yourself up if you skip a few more classes than you mean to because of events and parties. Enjoy yourself! There’s plenty of ways to stay active during our Christmas break too, including going tobogganing (when’s the last time you climbed a hill in the snow a few dozen times?!), skating, going for nature walks, or do a home bodyweight circuit. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself. Rest, recovery, modified gym classes, outdoor fun or a home workout. Merry Christmas from the coaches at Absolute Fitness!

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