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November, The Calm Before The Storm

With the Christmas season right around the corner, most people are beginning to brace themselves for the chaos of the holiday season. So how do we keep on top of all of our fitness goals while embracing the upcoming festivities? Consider this: a failure to plan is a plan to fail. Taking the time now to troubleshoot for the upcoming and inevitable events that will challenge your fitness progress is going to be a major key in determining your success over the next months as we approach December and all of the craziness that comes with it.

So what are some holiday strategies we can implement or how can we prepare ourselves in advance?

If your workouts are a priority or if your goal is to, say, workout three times a week, getting into a routine now might be a winning strategy for you. For the month of November, if you work into your schedule that every Monday and Wednesday, you come to Absolute’s 9:30am Conditioning class and on Tuesday and Thursday you come in to noon Strength, the chances of you breaking that habit in December will be less likely. Despite how busy you might get with holiday shopping and workplace parties!

You will have instilled a habit of commitment in yourself that you won’t soon break. After working towards your goals all of November, you’ll be more resolute in maintaining your workout progress.

Secondly, the holidays are notorious for baked goods and constant treat temptations. Utilizing the month of November to prep yourself easy, quick, nutritious meals and snacks is a sure-fire way to stay on course with your fitness goals. Use the down time in November to create healthy freezer meals and make yourself clean snack packs to grab and go or to stash in the car.

Let’s use the next four weeks to really strategize and begin implementing good habits that will carry us through December to ensure we are staying the course with our health and fitness goals!

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