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Amir Jan; Up and out of a fitness slump!

Our friend Amir Jan has lived in Red Deer for over 30 years of his life. As a young man, Amir enjoyed competing in sprinting, powerlifting and Martial Arts. Unfortunately, as he got older, life and work got in the way which caused him to slowly put his interests to the side. One day he looked himself in the mirror and barely recognized himself. That’s when he decided he wanted to make a change in his life for the better.

Amir set a goal for himself to lose the extra weight that he had gained and to get back into sprinting which is something that he really enjoyed doing in his younger years. Amir wanted to prove to himself that he was still capable of pushing his limits even when no one else believed he could. Amir knew he wouldn’t be able to do it on his own, he wanted to surround himself with people that would support and empower him to reach his goals.

Amir attempted to reach his goals by revisiting his old ways of training that he used to enjoy. However, when he started, he found was he was not able to do the same training that was once easy and enjoyable for him. He worked as hard as he could but soon found himself feeling hurt with aches and pains. Consequently, Amir began to feel frustrated as he was putting in the work but not seeing any results.

One day, an ad for Absolute Fitness was caught by Amirs attention. He felt like the ad was genuine and he thought the people at Absolute Fitness would be the right people to surround himself with, to get the help and support he needed, to help him with his fitness goals. He had his goals that he wanted to achieve, for not only his well being and his health, but for himself in general. With those thoughts in mind, he made the call, and signed up for the 6 week challenge.

Amir had always enjoyed being active, he has trained in many different disciplines including; running, cycling, powerlifting, and Martial Arts. Over the years, Amir got busy with life and work and he neglected his love for fitness. In turn, he found himself in a slump with little to no motivation to do anything active, let alone go to the gym and train.

Amir was feeling frustrated, he felt as if he would never be able to regain his strength and fitness again. Amir was working hard to reach his goals but it seemed no matter what he did, he wouldn’t see any physical changes.

By joining the Absolute Fitness 6 week challenge, Amir was hoping that it would boost his self esteem and help him gain the energy he needed to achieve his goal of losing weight, gaining muscle, and changing the way he felt about himself when he looked in the mirror. Amir wanted people to believe him when he said he was actively training, and living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, Amir made a commitment and stuck with it. He achieved a major milestone in his training, losing over 8lbs of fat, changing his body composition, and having people notice the hard work he’d been putting in at the gym.

Amir says he sees himself differently when he looks in the mirror. He is filled with a feeling of hope as he sees his body slowly changing for the better. He says he has been getting comments from his friends and family about his changing body composition, which only adds to his increasing confidence and pushes him to keep going.

Amir says his training has given him a better chance to reach new and bigger goals that he has set for himself in the future. He feels confident with the tools and resources that he has to achieve what he wants. Amir says the best part of working with us is that he is always able to approach the trainers and get answers for his questions without feeling like he is being judged.

It hasn’t always been easy for Amir though, he had injuries from his previous training as a sprinter. One of the biggest injuries being an ankle fracture that still bothers him to this day. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to overcome the injury and it tends to flare up and stop him from progressing in his training.

Amir says that by listening and accepting what the coaches tell him has been like a shortcut to his goals. By practicing a few mobility drills, Amir felt like he was able to move properly again.

Amir would like to say to anyone that is struggling with their body image and self confidence. “Never quit, you have to believe things will get better. Realizing that when you’re at your worst the only way is up. The possibilities are endless and we just gotta look for the right people and the right places to be.”

Nicely said Amir. If you’ve found yourself in a fitness slump, and need help getting out of it, let us know, and come talk to us. We’ll be the strong support system you need to get the goals you want. Call us at 403-347-9669 or send us an email at We’ll guide you on your way to your fitness goals.

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