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The Missing Link To Your Fitness Goals: Mobility

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about a situation where an individual came in to our facility, and inquired about how he could join Absolute Fitness. I started off by asking him a few questions about his fitness goals and whether or not he was training at the moment. I told him that we could help him take action and then I proceeded to give him the first few steps that he could take in order to start seeing results in a fitness program at Absolute Fitness!

To review, the first steps were: start drinking more water, get adequate rest, and start focussing on getting proper nutrition to fuel his workouts and life in general. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, have an “I can do this” mindset. Implementing these steps will build a foundation that will give you the best chance of obtaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Easy stuff right!?!? Although these steps sound easy, it does take a major effort on your part to build them into your life as habits. Doing so, will give you a much better chance at seeing long-lasting health and fitness results.

Fitness is not a quick fix. A healthy lifestyle takes commitment and planning. For example, the person that I wrote about in my last blog post never called me back, and didn’t respond when I called him. Why do you think that is?

The best explanation I could find was given by a man named Jim Rohn. He said, “The easy things to do in life are also easy, not to do. Some things are so easy to do, that we choose not to do them”. That’s it. These steps are so easy that we just move them to the side and forget about them.

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably made the decision to do the easy things needed to do in order to get what you want out of life! If you’re ready to do the easy things, read on, and I’ll explain the next steps that we would be taking along with you at Absolute Fitness.

If you want to make it even easier on yourself, just give us a call at Absolute Fitness! Our number is 403-347-9669. We’ll help you with every step you need to take.

Many people who want to get fit, but are misinformed, or don’t want to invest in a qualified fitness trainer, end up in a situation where they attempt to get fit, but focus all their attention on a specific goal, such as reaching a certain dress size, weight, or athletic achievement. They head down to a local fitness facility and start training. They’re running, squatting, doing push-ups, sweating... they might feel like they’re on their way to get to their goal. They feel great doing this routine for a couple of weeks, but then suddenly they start feeling knee or some sort of pain. The pain gets worse and worse and within the first month they have to stop their training program altogether. At first, they figure that they just need some time off and they’ll be right back to the gym in a couple of weeks. But those couple of weeks turn into a couple of months, and then a few more months, and now a whole year or more has gone by! By this time, they’re even further from their goal then they were before.

What happened? Some people choose to chalk it up to old age, or believe that the workouts were too hard, or they just think that maybe they weren’t meant to reach their goals and they throw in the towel.

What I think the real issue in this scenario is, in short: we lack proper mobility in our bodies. In today's society, we spend so much time in poor, fixed positions- whether it be in front of the computer, TV, or looking at our phones. Our bodies get tight and locked up. We start to lack optimal range-of-motion and often, we even lack the needed activation of specific muscle groups.

If you head into a workout with limited range of motion, or poor mobility, your assistance muscles will start to compensate. Assistance muscles are typically smaller and weaker, and are not meant to handle excessive torque, which is often the reason why people start feeling pain and end up with injuries. Furthermore, if you’re exercising and not activating primary muscles, because you can’t achieve full range of motion, you probably won’t build the muscle groups your working on, you instead build up the assistance muscles, which could lead to even more pain.

If you’ve been through a similar situation as described above, your lack of mobility may be the culprit and the leading reason why you were injured. At Absolute fitness, we offer a focused approach to mobility training that may be the solution to moving you forward and helping you reach your fitness goals!

This means that you may have to wait on reaching your fitness goals, for a little bit, and start with some mobility training. Don’t worry and don’t get turned off by that statement! Your goals will stay right where they are. In the mean time you will build a capable body that will have the ability to move in the direction of your goal, and get you there faster.

Most people begin to feel a little disheartened when they hear that they need to increase their mobility before taking on high-impact workouts. They want to “workout” and reach their goal right away. They feel like mobility training is too easy for them or that it’s holding them back from their goal.

You may have heard the expression a little prep work goes a long way, fitness is no exception. In my experience, everybody needs to do mobility training. Both the high level athlete and fitness beginner alike, we all do our mobility training at Absolute Fitness.

Don’t kid yourself, mobility training, just like strength and conditioning, can and will be challenging at times. Yes, some sessions will be easy, but some will seem down right impossible, and that’s where we like to watch closely, as these are the parts that are not moving right, and need a little extra attention.

To start mobility training, you need to know what full range of motion of a joint is, assess where the range of motion of your joint is currently, and then build your body up to reach the full range of motion in these joints. It may take some time to build your body up to reach full range of motion, but the results you will get from training your mobility will be awesome.

My favorite time to train my mobility is right before my workout, used as my warmup, I base my mobility training on what movements I will be training during my workout.

For someone that is just beginning, mobility is trained first, and then gradually as the individual is able to perform their mobility training with ease, their strength and/or conditioning workout is added on top of their mobility training.

I also use mobility training for those days where I, or my clients, may be hurt, not feeling well, or short on time and want to get a quick workout in, but don’t have the time to get everything done. Training mobility is never a waste of time, and you’ll be surprised how much benefit you’ll get out of it.

If you’ve done the first step and laid down the foundation to your fitness lifestyle and are ready to start your fitness journey at Absolute Fitness then don’t hesitate to give us a call or Claim your very own Personal Training Kickstart program here. We’d love, to be your support system and guide you along the way. Give us a call at 403-347-9669, or give us an email at

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