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Stephanie Van Herk's First Gym Experience!

Stephanie Van Herk is originally from Ontario, but she moved to Alberta a few years ago for school and work. Stephanie is currently living here in Red Deer and working as an electrician. In Ontario, Stephanie enjoyed playing hockey in her local hockey league- but after moving to Alberta, she wasn’t able to find a team to play with.

No longer playing hockey to stay active, Stephanie began to gain weight and she started feeling sluggish with low energy levels. She began to worry that she would end up with long term issues due to her inactivity that would make her life more difficult as time went on (lack of mobility, weight gain, etc.) This was something that Stephanie did not want to experience in her lifetime.

Stephanie knew she needed to do something to make a positive and healthy change, but she had never been to a gym before in her life. Like so many others, Stephanie was nervous about going to the gym because she felt unsure of what to do in order to achieve the fitness goals she desired. Instead of going to a gym, Stephanie got a hold of some fitness videos and began to workout on her own at home, but she soon found that she was not motivated enough to continue her training on her own.

Stephanie began a search for a gym that could help her take the next step towards taking control of her health and fitness. She googled gyms in Red Deer and followed a few of them on social media. One of those gyms was Absolute Fitness. Stephanie followed our Facebook page and learned a few things about fitness. What she really enjoyed, was watching the videos that Absolute Fitness posted because she felt that the people in the videos were people just like her. She figured if they were able to get fit, so could she.

One night, Stephanie was talking with her mom about not playing hockey anymore, gaining weight, and how it was not making her feel good about herself. Stephanie’s mom urged her to take action, to call Absolute Fitness, and set something up because she didn’t want to see her feeling like this anymore and knew she would enjoy training again. That was the push that Stephanie needed to pick up the phone and call Absolute Fitness to set up a consultation.

Going in to a gym for the first time ever, Stephanie was nervous, but she knew she needed to be active again and to be involved with something to get her out of her slump. Stephanie came into Absolute Fitness with the mentality of taking things slow and steady. She knew things weren’t going to change right away and she knew and wanted this fitness “thing” to be a lifelong venture. Stephanie walked in, talked to our staff, and without hesitation, she signed up, and started with her new fit and active lifestyle.

Fast forward to today, Stephanie has been working hard, and consistently for just over 2 years now! She started her fitness journey with Movement and Mobility classes, then progressed into challenging herself with our Conditiong classes. Stephanie always challenges herself with new fitness ventures including: kettlebell sport training and running! Stephanie has achieved her goal to get active and is now involved in Red Deer's fitness community and she says she couldn’t be happier about it.

Stephanie mentioned that she still has goals that she hasn’t accomplished yet, but now that she is moving in a forward direction and is surrounded by the right people, she says that she’s feeling confident that she will reach the goals that she has set for herself.

We asked Stephanie if her view of herself has changed since she started training with us at Absolute Fitness, she said “Yes, gosh yes! My confidence has gone way up. I even went out and started running on my own. A little while ago, that would’ve been unheard of coming from me.”

Stephanie says that she is feeling really good and confident with what she’s accomplished in her training. She’s happy when she looks in the mirror, she’s looking slimmer and can see definition in her in her arms. On top of all that, she’s having fun going out with her new friends who are also a part of #TeamAbsolute. She's trying new things that she previously wouldn’t have thought she could or would do.

As a matter of fact, what Stephanie likes best about Absolute Fitness is the people. “It wouldn’t matter if Absolute Fitness had the best workouts ever, if the people here were a**holes, then Absolute Fitness would suck.” She goes on to say, “The people here are awesome, both in the gym and outside the gym. I love going out and doing new things with new friends. The people here are supportive and a good time.”

Stephanie says that the biggest challenge of training for her is the nutrition portion. She says that being busy with work, and life in general, makes it challenging to get the proper nutrition. But with some planning, and some meal prep she is able to gain an upper hand on her nutrition. She mentioned that, “the less I have to think about it, the easier it is for me to stay on track.”

Lastly, we asked Stephanie if she had any advice for someone who is struggling to get started with their training. She giggled a little and said, “In short, come to Absolute Fitness! But seriously, find something that you like, because if you hate what you’re doing, then it sucks, and you’ll easily fall off. How many people do you know who pay for a gym membership and don’t ever go!?"

If you’ve got fitness goals and need a team with a strong support system give us a shout at 403-347-9669 or send us an email at We’ll guide you on your way to your fitness goals.

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