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5 Tips to get you race ready!

When race day approaches things move fast and if your not prepared things might not go as well as you might've hoped. So I wanted to drop a couple of tips for you, especially for the less experienced racers, on the team. 😄so here it is:

5 things to think about before race day!

1. 💦Hydration-

Hydration is probably the most important thing to think about. Hitting the course dehydrated will have you feeling sluggish, tired, slow and weak. Here’s what to aim for: half your body weight in ounces per day. Do this on both Thursday AND Friday. In the morning of race day, get in at least 1 liter of water before you hit the course.

2. 🍓Nutrition-

It’s time to start carb loading. Feel free to up your carbs today, focusing on slow-releasing carbs like quinoa, rice, sweet potato. Having some extra carbohydrates stored in your system will have you feeling energized on course. The night before the race, feel free again to have extra calories but DON’T eat anything new or that gives you an upset stomach. Play it safe. My go-to is always thin-crust pizza with a TON of veggie toppings, no meat, and half an avocado for some fats.

Morning of, have a well-rounded breakfast such as oats with berries or an egg sandwich with avocado. Fats/carbs are your friend. Protein won’t give you much energy (it’s only 4 calories/gram whereas fats and carbs are 7 calories/gram.. more bang for your buck energy-wise).

Make sure to eat early enough that you won’t have a sore belly when you are running.. and make sure to use the bathroom beforehand. 😉Not even kidding.

On course nutrition:

If you are planning on being on the course for more than one hour, taking a race supplement such as gummies or a gel with you is a good idea to avoid “bonking”, which means you ran out of energy. Take your supplement around the 45 minute mark. If you have never used gummies or gel, I don’t recommend doing this on race day as it may upset your stomach.

3.✏️Packing list for race day-

Build yourself a list of things to bring and don’t forget anything! Here’s my personal list:

- [ ] Identification

- [ ] Race barcode- screenshot it on your phone or print it.

- [ ] Money for bag check/beers - bag check is usually $5. Check everything you don’t want on course. Don’t take anything you wouldn’t be okay losing- keys, ID.. no matter how tightly they are zipped, anything can happen.

- [ ] Race outfit - tank top, shorts, compression socks, shoes

- [ ] Shoes again!! One year I forgot my shoes and had to buy them on the race grounds.. D’OH 😝

- [ ] Sunglasses - cheap ones as they may get scratched or lost

- [ ] Sunscreen and bug spray

- [ ] Garbage bag for dirty clothes after- throw all your yucky clothes into this bag

- [ ] Towel for your seats in the car- unless you don’t mind a dirty car

- [ ] Loose clothes to change into - including underwear

- [ ] Flip flops- it feels great to take your shoes off, especially if you have blisters or will be hanging around after

- [ ] Baby wipes - great for easy cleanup after

4. 👚👟🧢Race outfit and shoes -

What are you planning on wearing? -Try to stay away from any cotton as it gets heavy when wet. I know someone who wore velour shorts to race once.. after he went through the water obstacle he spent the rest of the race trying to hold his pants up 😂

-Hat if you are sensitive to the sun

-Comfortable, grippy shoes

-compression socks or long pants to save your skin on the rope climb and especially on the traverse rope.. just ask @connor lol

5. 😴Sleep-

Do your best to sleep well, on the days leading up to the race, especially on the 2 days before the race. Or if you are having trouble sleeping, at least wind down and shut your eyes to let your body rest

It's hard not to get amped up for the week before the race and end up forgetting something or having something slip your mind. Remember the key points, I've highlighted above, to properly prepping yourself to get better performance and crush your OCR goals!

Good Luck out there! See you at the finish line,

River Lennox

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