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Danielles Martial Arts Journey

Danielle Buhr is a 21 year old Red Deer resident, who had recently graduated high school, and had fallen into the habit of working all week and then going out and partying all weekend. She described this point in life as depressing and sad, because she was not doing anything constructive, and had no clear direction in her life.

Danielle felt as if she needed a hobby to keep her busy and away from the parties where drugs and alcohol were rampant. In high school, she was part of a rugby team, and really enjoyed playing the sport and being part of a team.

She decided that being part of a team was something she needed to do again! She would start training in the martial arts and give herself the goal of actually getting into the ring and fighting with an opponent. The only thing holding her back was the confusion of how to get started in the martial arts. She had no clue how to go about doing such a thing, there was no starting point in sight for her.

What made it even worse, was the more she thought about setting goals, getting her nutrition on track, and how to train, the less she thought she was capable of actually doing such a thing and the further away she felt from her goals.

Danielle was feeling lost and incapable of reaching her goals but she did her best to stay active and fit. She would ride her bike or go for the occasional run, but she never felt like these activities were getting her closer to her goals

One day, she started a new job working for a coffee shop inside of park plaza and noticed a sign on one of the doors that read Absolute Fitness. She asked her friends and family about Absolute Fitness, and some of them who knew about us responded with positive feedback... but she still hesitated to come in and check us out for herself.

While working at the coffee shop, Danielle served a girl, who was wearing an Absolute Fitness t-shirt. This girl was actually River, one of our trainers. They talked a little about fitness and the type of training that we do here. Danielle's curiosity was sparked, and she decided to come in and check out the gym for herself!

Danielle mentioned that from the moment she walked into our facility, she felt as if she had a connection with the people from our gym. She received a tour and an explanation of the type of training we do. It was at that point, she felt as if there was a starting point for her goals and she finally felt like she had a sense of direction. She signed up and began her fitness journey in the martial arts.

Danielle’s journey, like many others, has not been an easy one. It’s been filled with challenges, fears, and doubts about herself. She says that making her fitness goals a priority and relying on discipline, not just motivation, to get to training is what got her through the doubts and emotional setbacks.

Danielle had this to say about achieving her fitness goals,

“Nothing was going to hold me back, even if it meant walking through blizzards to make it to training, I was going to see this thing through”, and that’s exactly what she’s done.

It has taken Danielle over a year to learn all the new training techniques at Absolute Fitness. Starting with the basics, learning how to mobilize her body, and then progressing through to advanced exercises, and finally accomplishing what she set out to do, which was fighting in a competition.

It was on November 4, 2017 that Danielle competed in her first kickboxing tournament. She came out of her first fight gasping for air and said

“That was the hardest f!#$ing thing I've ever done”.

Danielle didn't have things go her way that night, but instead of calling it quits she doubled up her efforts and competed again 3 months later on January 20, 2018, winning by unanimous decision in 2 bouts.

With her initial goals accomplished, Danielle is feeling very excited about her future, both in her training, and in the rest of her life. Danielle is feeling confident and empowered, and has set new training goals to continue competing, making no excuses, or allowing fear to stand in her way. Danielle says she loves being involved in a team that includes some of the best trainers and athletes that Red Deer has to offer.

“The fact that I’m training alongside champions makes me feel that becoming a champion myself isn’t a far off reach.”

She would like to say to those that are on the fence, or just beginning, with their fitness journey:

“Do your best every single day. Don’t be upset when your best today, isn’t your best ever. No excuses, don’t be afraid to get involved and do new things. Don’t be afraid of change! It might seem like a giant mountain at the beginning but you’ll be amazed how quickly you can climb the mountain with the right people by your side."

We’re super proud of Danielles accomplishments so far and we’re just as excited to see what else Danielle will accomplish in the near future.

If you’re like Danielle and need help starting your fitness journey, give us a call at 403-347-9669 or send us an email at

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