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Jordans OCR venture

Jordan K. is a 23 year old electrician who grew up in Red Deer. In the spring of 2016, Jordan made the decision to run a Spartan Race, the Spartan Beast was his first ever race. He thought it would be good to get out of his comfort zone and try something new. He describes his first Spartan Race experience as being “not that great” and says that “it felt like I was going to die.”

His first race took him about 8.5 hours to complete. After giving it some thought, he figured maybe it was just that the race he signed up for was too big of a race to start with. He decided to sign up for a second race- this time choosing the Spartan Sprint, a much shorter race. Although the Sprint was shorter in length, Jordan says the outcome was very similar to the Beast and he once again ended up "feeling like he was going to die" from the effort.

Feeling a little down on himself for not being able to do as well as he thought he could, Jordan came across an ad on Facebook claiming that Absolute Fitness would not only help him with his Spartan Races, but even organize a group of like-minded people to run the races with. Jordan signed up wanting to improve his racing and meet people to run with.

Initially, Jordan's goals were to run in the spartan races, and not feel as if he was going to die. Now that he had a plan and was set to go, he walked into

Absolute Fitness feeling a little uncomfortable because first of all, going to a new gym where he didn’t know anyone made him feel a little out of place. Second, Jordan also felt a bit intimidated thinking he might be behind everybody else that was in the OCR bootcamp.

Jordan says that all changed shortly after he walked in on his first day and noticed some friends he knew from outside of the gym. “It was good to see some familiar faces even though they weren’t in the same class as I was. It made me feel better knowing that I had friends and peers that were at the same place and training the same way that I was.”

Jordan mentions that during his first class, coach River made him feel as if they had known each other for a long time right from the start. When he was confused with a certain exercise, there was always a quick correction to help him out. Jordan felt right at home right from his very first day, he says “the trainers are friendly, and the clients themselves are just as friendly, and fun to be around.”

“The trainers are friendly, and the clients themselves are just as friendly, and fun to be around.”

During his time in the OCR bootcamp, Jordan mentioned that he was surprised by how the "trainers talk and joke with you during class, it makes things more comfortable, and the trainers even text you if they don’t see you show up to class.” Jordan mentions that he liked the way that the trainers are very particular on his form, while he does his exercises and further mentioning that if he ever needed help, or had a question, the trainers were super easy to get a hold of both in the gym and outside the gym via text or a FB message.

After completing his OCR training, Jordan ended up running a total of 5 races last summer and is happy to say that because of his training he was able to push himself harder and further then even he thought he could. Even though he was exhausted at the end of the race he didn’t feel as if he was going to die.

Jordan noticed the benefits of his training and when his bootcamp ended he was quick to sign up into regular classes. Since joining us 7 months ago, Jordan has lost 50+ pounds. Jordan says it was not his intention, he just wanted to run races and have people to run them with, but the way we structure our workouts the weight just started to melt off of him. He started at a weight of 220 lbs, and is now down to 170 lbs.

Although Jordan was losing weight and building up his conditioning, he started to feel lethargic and was feeling as if he wasn't able to keep up with his workouts. That was not what he wanted so he spoke with his trainers. A quick look at his nutrition and eating habits and they were able to see that, he had a high protein, low carb, and little to no fat diet which was having a negative impact on his new athletic lifestyle. His trainers were able work with him to help him create a better and more balanced diet. As a result, Jordan reports that he has loads of energy throughout the day, has a lot easier time sticking to his diet, and has begun to see his abs again.

Jordan has been super proactive in his training, not only has he been excelling in our regular strength and conditioning classes, making it out 3-5x a week, he has also decided to start training in the beginner kickboxing classes. Jordan prefers to train in kickboxing for the fitness aspect that kickboxing offers, and does not have wish to compete, but Jordan consistently makes it out 2x a week to the classes, and has shown huge improvements in his short training period with us.

Jordan says that he loves it here at Absolute Fitness, the trainers are friendly and helpful and the other members are also awesome and friendly. In his own words he states “The atmosphere is very inviting Absolute is a great place to train. The trainers and other members push you to reach further than you ever thought possible for yourself.” When asked what he would say to someone who was unsure about training with us he says he would tell them “absolutely come and train at Absolute Fitness!”

We couldn’t agree with you more Jordan! We love having you here, and helping you become the athlete you have always wanted to be. Congratulations on all your amazing progress and gains. We are so proud and inspired by you and look forward to continuing to guide you through this journey!

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