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Getting Fit is Easy!

I was on the internet one day and I noticed this video claiming that it’s easy to get rich. The man in the video is Jim Rohn, I guess, he was a pretty famous motivational speaker. I wanted to hear how he thought getting rich was easy, because I’ve been trying to get rich, and to me it hasn’t been that easy. As I listened to him talk about how easy it was to get rich. It made me think about fitness, and how it relates to his speech, getting rich is easy.

This is what he was saying when converted to fitness ideals,

Getting fit is easy!

Let me tell you how getting fit is easy. We’ve created a community of people that want to be fit. We encourage each other to show up to the gym and train. We base our eating habits according to the goal of getting fit and staying fit.

We share recipes, workouts and encourage each other to eat and train for fitness.

Together we make it easy to get fit.

It’s easy you just show up and do what we tell you to do. You don’t have to think, or plan, just show up and do what we tell you to do, it’s easy.

Having a negative self image, having to sit out of activities, with friends or family, not being able or wanting to participate, because of a negative self image, that’s hard.

Getting fit, is easy, we give you a shopping list, you go and buy the products we show you to buy, and you use the recipes to make the food your going to eat, easy. It’ll help you lose weight and give you more energy, it’s easy.

Getting Diabetes is hard. You have to take insulin shots everyday, manage what you eat and how much you eat, just to keep your body from failing you, to me that’s hard.

Getting fit is easy, you show up, if you happen to get injured, you ask our trainers about it and they’ll show you how to fix it. If we can’t show you how to fix it then we’ll recommend you to someone that knows how. That’s easy.

Suffering from a stroke or heart disease now that’s hard. It’s pretty hard to make a comeback from a stroke without some serious repercussions. but...

Getting fit is easy, you show up, listen to the trainer, follow direction, meet new people and share information with them, because they have the same goals as you do, that’s easy.

Just by doing these simple things you’ll get fit.

It’s easy!

Now here’s my definition of easy. Easy to me is something I can do. I figure if it’s something I can do it’s... Easy.

But here’s the trick to doing something easy... You gotta work hard at it.

Showing up to class that’s easy. Listening to instruction that’s easy. Getting down, and working hard on the exercise, that’s what makes the easy things work.

Let me tell you a little story of when I hurt my lower back.

That was hard, I could barely move, I couldn’t pick up my keys off the floor without having to set myself up in an awkward position so that I wouldn’t have to flex my spine.

I couldn’t do any of the big exercises like squats, deadlifts, or even pushups without aggravating my injury.

So I modified my workouts. I did what I was able to do, the easy exercises, I went from training to fight in the ring to trying to hold a plank for a minute. It was nothing but the easy stuff but... I worked hard at it. I did these exercises regularly, never missed a session, I tried to perform these exercises perfectly. With time I got stronger and was able to move on to bigger and better things... it was easy because I did the things that I was able to do. I just worked hard at them.

Some might say well if it’s so easy, then why are there so many people out there, that can’t lose weight. Why are there so many people out there, that are injured, that require surgery and heavy medications, for them getting fit is hard!

But that’s not the case.

Let me tell you, in my opinion, why they didn’t get fit... because it’s easy not to... that’s it.

How else would you describe it?

Many people will argue well it’s easy for you, but it’s not for me or it’s difficult for some because they got injuries or they got food allergies etc etc, but it’s not true, it’s not difficult for them.

Here’s the real challenge that people face.

Let me get a little on the philosophical side of things for a bit.

You see the things that are easy to do, are also easy, not to do. Some things are so easy to do that we choose not to do them.

That’s the difference between success and failure!

You have the choice between two easies. Easy to do, or easy, not to do.

In one sentence I can tell you how to get, and stay fit, in your life. Here’s the sentence.

I did not neglect to do the easy things I could do to get me fit!

The key is I did not neglect! to do the easy things i could do!

I found something easy that lead me to get fitter and I did not neglect to do it.

This is a major reason for many people not getting what they want in their life. Whether it’s in their fitness, financial or love life people neglect the easy things that they need to do to get what they want.

Here’s the problem with neglect, it starts as an infection and if you don’t take care of it, it becomes a disease. And here’s what else is the problem one neglect leads to another. If you neglect to do wise things with your money, you’ll neglect to do wise things with your time. If you neglect to do wise things with your time you’ll neglect to do wise things with your health. One thing leads to another leads to another.

Before you know it you’ll have neglect emptying your vitality, emptying your heart, emptying all your chances of stability and power, all the good things of life.


You should be going to the gym on a regular bases but you don’t do it. I’m telling you your on the wrong track.

You should do it, you could do it, you don’t do it. That’s called a formula for disaster.

All you gotta do is let that, and a few other things, accumulate for 6 years and now your looking how you don’t want to look, wearing what you don’t want to wear, living where you don’t want to live, doing what you don’t want to do, maybe having become what you didn’t really want to become. That’s it, neglect along, drift along.

Neglect it’ll have you by the throat, take all your values, leave you with just a little bit of dust in the summer wind and it too will soon be gone.

That’s how most people live their lives. But it doesn’t mean that you gotta keep living like that. There’s a better way.

You can clean this up, you can change these things, you just gotta accept the fact that it’s you.

You need to change these things and take the easy approach to life. Do the easy things, cause getting fit is easy, as long as you do the easy things. Then you’ll see, not only your health and fitness get in line but every aspect of your life your finances, your love life, everything. Only if you stop neglecting the easy things you gotta do and do them…

That was the message.

Seems, when you look at it in this way, getting rich, or in our case, getting fit, is easy.

The message was all about money and business but it easily translates into people’s health and fitness.

I thought it was an awesome message that I wanted to pass along to you.

If you need a hand with your health and fitness, I would personally love to show you the easy stuff you can do to get fit.

Click on this link and write down your information on the form and let me know you want to take the easy way to


Stay Strong

Coach Vladimir

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