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5 Benefits of Muay Thai

1. Muay Thai Training Will Develop Mental Toughness Muay Thai is a tough and grueling sport both mentally and physically. Imagine your opponent coming at you for 3 - 5 rounds with constant pressure. Your body is under great stress and you are in pain. As your body aches, your mental toughness pushes you forward. This mental toughness doesn’t always come naturally, it is developed in training!

Muay Thai training is tough, sometimes much tougher than a fight/competition. This difficult style of martial arts training will help you develop a strong mind- one that can overcome obstacles, fear and doubt. Over time, the strength you develop in training will not only serve you well in Muay Thai, but also help you in your day-to-day struggles. Develop mental toughness and you will conquer any obstacle that is thrown your way.

2. Well-Balanced Body

With proper and consistent Muay Thai Training you will develop a strong, powerful and agile body. Agility and quickness will help you to deliver blows and avoid counter attacks from your opponents. Endurance is needed to fight 10 - 15 minutes. Fighters also require strength for the grappling aspect of the sport (if your arms burn out - you’re in trouble!!) And last but not least, Power! If you land a powerful, well-calculated strike (kick, knee, punch or elbow) that can be all she-wrote, awarding you with the victory or better yet a TKO or KO.

3. Self-Discipline

The ability to control your emotions, reactions and keep your ego in check will be a huge asset to your Muay Thai practice and also in your personal and professional life. It is very difficult to attain this balance and control, but with consistent practice, it is indeed possible.

4. Develop a Fighter’s Physique

To become a well balanced Muay Thai fighter you need to train your entire body! There is no leg day, no chest day - it’s full body, all the time! Take a look at Bruce Lee’s, Georges St.Pierre’s or Holly Holm’s physique, and you’ll notice that they all share these things in common: Neither is super big or bulky, every muscle serves a purpose. They’re all lean, toned, and incredibly strong! They are pound-for-pound as strong as they can be for their weight class. In addition to looking fit, they’re also agile, flexible, powerful and they know how to maintain great control over their entire body.

Learn Muay Thai and you too, will reap all of these benefits.

5. Intelligence

Muay Thai fosters intelligence through tactics, technique and strategy. Many combat Martial Arts are regarded to as “a game of chess” or “warfare”. Once an athlete can identify which techniques to use at any given range, they can begin to develop feints, fakes and set ups to land strikes. This form of analytical thinking developed in Muay Thai training can carry on to the rest of your life in terms of problem-solving and planning.

**Worth a Mention:

On top of all the Muay Thai training, many athletes implement a strength & conditioning program to supplement their athletic abilities (more on this later). Any athlete that trains hard must also take their recovery and rest days seriously. This will help any athlete to avoid injury and/or over-training.

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