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This new level of fitness has allowed me to deal with everyday life a lot easier. At home, with teenagers in the house, life can be stressful at times, so having these fitness classes really helps deal with all the stress.

I like what I see in the mirror now because I know I’ve worked hard for the results I see. I did not want to be the person that just accepted the fact that I was getting older, and being out of shape was just part of aging, I wanted to fight back and keep myself healthy. People try to guess my age and they usually say im 34, more than 10 years younger than I am, it feels pretty good when people say that to me.

Absolute Fitness has changed the way I look at fitness, they have given me the key to be able to change and become fit, instead of running on the treadmill hoping that one day I’d change. The best part of absolute fitness is being challenged, and pushed way further than what I  thought I was capable of, the structure of the classes are always filled with variety, even after all these years I’m still learning new things. The constant coaching they’ve given me has made all the difference. I see absolute fitness as part of my life and my journey, I can’t imagine not having absolute fitness in my life.  


What I like most about this place is their encouragement and support in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I feel like part of the family here. Absolute Fitness celebrates my achievements, they are just as excited as I am when I accomplish new achievements. They give me the opportunity and encouragement to try new things despite my hesitation and reluctance. The trainers know my abilities and limits and push me to my limits. They are continually learning and teaching new things to us - the members. 

I am so glad that I decided to pursue my past interests so that I can inspire my little people and my partner to be active and live a healthy life doing FUN things! They don’t hold me back, they keep me going! I love my fitfam! 

Dulce and Juan

We wanted to join a gym together so that we could push each other and keep ourselves accountable. The cost to join absolute fitness was quite high compared to what we wanted to pay but we had goals of losing weight and getting healthier, but what we were really looking for, which we had our doubts about, was getting rid of joint pain that we had developed from our work. We have been At absolute fitness for almost 5 years now, and I'm not sure when our joint pain stopped hurting us, but it has and we're both so very grateful for it. At Absolute Fitness the coaches are excellent and we feel we're part of a family! Absolute Fitness is the best in town and it’s worth every dime.


Chad is a 34 year old Tradesman who 

participated in one of ourTransformation 

challenges and then later joined as a member. 

During the Transformation Challenge, which is 6 weeks, Chad lost 14.6 lb and reduced his body fat by 6.2%!

As a member Chad has excelled athletically over the past year placing top 10, in his age category, in the competitive divisions at multiple Obstacle Course Racing Events in 2017.



Cindy is a 53 year old Learning Commons Coordinator. Cindy is still fairly new to Absolute Fitness but is she ever determined. She had goals and wasn’t going to let fear or anything stand in her way.


In less then 2 short months she has managed to lose over 10 lbs, and lost over 19” total in her body measurements. 

She has been consistent in her training, has learned how to use Kettlebells, and how to do a deadlift with the barbell.


I am so thankful to have met some amazing people and to train and work hard with everyone because we are all training for something and trying to reach our goals. I am honestly so happy to have the best facility to train at. Every class I’ve attended has changed my life so much! I feel amazing and I love myself more than I ever have. My goals to become stronger and happier have become real! I’ve also been able to take my dirt biking and racing to the next level. From last season to now, I’ve made some amazing achievements. I can’t wait to see how many more goals I can crush this year. All the blood, sweat, and tears whether in the gym, or on my bike have been worth it. It’s all come together with time, dedication and all the energy I’ve put into it. Biking is my life and I have to thank Absolute again and again for helping me and showing me the road to becoming a better athlete. All the training has helped me more than you know!

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