Personal Training



We are looking for highly committed Red Deer residents


Apply Now if you're tired of struggling with: 

Not having a structured plan to help you reach your fitness goals 

Getting injured in training 

Not feeling comfortable in your clothes 

Yo-yo dieting 

How to Improve your athletic performance and physique

How to recover and bulletproof your body so you can train harder 

John lost 18 lbs, and lost over 19.25 inches

Sandra lost 25 lbs and 20 inches 

Jamie lost 15 lbs and 10 inches 

Steve dropped 19.5 lbs and 11.5 inches! 

*Results may vary

Act now and get...

Fitness Consultation/Goal Setting Session

Find out where you're at and set goals to get where you want to go!

60-Minute 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions

Work with one of our qualified personal trainers to work towards the results you desire to achieve!

Option to add Small Group Fitness Classes
Train in a small group setting to get the attention from our trainers that you deserve!

Nutrition Plan

Quick and easy with no guesswork

Support and Accountability  
Keep you focused on crushing your goals

FAT Loss, gain a TON of Energy, a LOT of Motivation, FUN and most of all...some "YOU Time"!

No long Term Contract
Give our program a "test drive" and see results in as little as one-month!  

Here's what you get:

  • Fitness Planning Consultation

  • 4 60-Minute Training Sessions 

  • 4 Mobility & Movement Sessions 

  • Nutritional Kickstart Guide 


All of this for only $240 per person,
plus... NO Contract!!! 

We are limited on space, so contact us asap! 

We look forward to serving you and helping you build the fitness habit. 

100% Guarantee 

Our promise to you is simple: follow our program as it's designed and intended to give you the best results possible. We guarantee you'll look better and feel better after 3-weeks of working with us or we will refund your entire investment. 

Don't Miss Out

What We Help You With:

GAIN CONFIDENCE to rock the clothes you want to wear 

Meal plans INCLUDED. Discover when and what to eat for fat loss and overall health

ACCOUNTABILITY! Expect to be challenged, inspired, motivated, supported, educated and trained by professional fitness experts 

RESULTS. We will help you tighten, tone, lose fat and gain energy so you can Get the Results you want! 

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