Fast Track Your Fitness


Is catered to you 


60 - Minutes.  

Recommended for:

Fitness beginners, people who are rehabilitating an injury, People with sport specific goals.

"Absolute Fitness offers a unique Personal Training experience."

Our experienced team of fitness instructors and coaches are committed to helping you reach your health and fitness goals, and sometimes that requires a more personalized approach.

If you have specific goals and want a completely customized program that will get you there fast, Personal Training at

Red Deers leading performance training facility, is your best choice.

Why work with a Personal Trainer?

  1. Generate results faster, more efficiently and with fewer injuries than on your own​​​

  2. Generic programs will not provide the results you are looking for - You are a unique individual and your training programs need to be tailored to YOU!

  3. This is why our Personal Training programs work. ​Our individualized training programs are made based on your specific goals, current range of motion and fitness level. 




The benefits of training with a Personal Trainer include: 

  • Long term health and lifestyle improvements 

  • Improved daily energy and confidence           

  • Learn to perfect your form and prevent injury 

  • Increase range of motion                               

  • Injury rehabilitation                                         

  • Work in private at your own pace                                  

  • Be held accountable by scheduling regular sessions

  • Work with a trainer that will, support and, help you succeed 

  • And much more!

Don't procrastinate! If you don't know how fitness works, you have extra fat to lose, need to get better performance or just need a change, then our personal training program is for you!

Interested in learning Martial Arts in a one-on-one setting? 

We do that too! Contact us and get started today! 

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