Muay Thai & Kickboxing

What you can expect

  • We combine traditional Muay Thai, Dutch Kickboxing and Western Boxing techniques

  • Learn striking techniques for fitness, self-defence or for competition 

  • Beginner (no experience) - advanced options available. 

  • Our striking style transfers over to MMA (mixed martial arts) very well

  • Get in amazing shape 

Who we work best with 

  • Individuals with a positive no-quit attitude

  • People who want to learn the "Art of 8 Limbs"

  • Those who want to refine their striking skills and abilities 

  • Those willing to listen & apply our coaching to improve 

  • Those who don't mind working hard 

Who We Are

We are Absolute Fitness, a team that is passionate about fitness, Kickboxing and Muay Thai.


We are dedicated athletes always looking to improve and it is our job to further our knowledge as professionals so that we may be strong fitness leaders and bring the best practices to our students.

No one makes it to the top without a strong and supportive team. We aim to be that strong support for our clients to be successful in their martial arts and fitness journey. We bring the energy and inspire our clients to push forward, towards their goals.

Why You Should Give Us A Try 

We Build Champions


Stephanie CMTCA & WKA 132 lb Western Canadian Champion

We work with nationally ranked, professional athletes. 

Austin wins the 135 lb Havoc Championship, ranked #2 bantamweight in Canada.  

We train hard and we have a lot of fun reaching our fitness and martial arts goals. Join us today! 

Where We're Located

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