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Day 2 



Bear Walks 2 sets of 15-20 feet. Forward and backwards 


Figure 8's, 5 each way feet wide, 5 each way feet together


Lizard Stretch 2x5 each leg


Shoulder Dislocates 1x10

Squat to flexion 1x10


A1) Scap Push ups - level 1 on knees, level 2 on toes 2x5 
A2) Active Hangs - level 1 toes on box, level 2 no box 2x5 


Wrist stretches x5 each way 




3-5 Rounds.

Complete the following exercises as a circuit. Rest 60-90 seconds between each round. 

2 Hand swing x25

Push ups x10 

Thrusters x20

Side plank raises x20 each side 

Lateral leg raiseLevel 2 x20 each way 

Post workout stretches:

Shoulder clock x5 each position. Hold last rep for 30 seconds

Death stretch 3-5x hold last position for 10-30 seconds 

Wall flexion stretch x60 seconds