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Day 1


Bear Walks 2 sets of 15-20 feet. Forward and backwards 


Figure 8's, 5 each way feet wide, 5 each way feet together


Lizard Stretch 2x5 each leg


Shoulder Dislocates 1x10



Superset - Perform "A1" then immediately perform "A2". Repeat for "B's".

A1) Scap push ups - level 1 on knees, level 2 on toes 2x5

A2) Active Hangs - level 1 feet on box, level 2 feet off the floor 2x5 hold last rep for 10 seconds

B1) Dead bugs 2x30 second holds

B2) Squat to flexion drill 1x10 


Choose which level you will use for each exercise. Try to stick to that level for the entire workout. 

Ex. I'll use level 2 squats (goblet squats), and level 3 chin ups (pronated grip).

Level 1 - Bodyweight

Level 2 - Goblet Squat
Level 3 - Double racked Kettlebell squat

Level 4 - Barbell Front squat 

Level 1 - Feet on floor or box

Level 2 - Supinated grip 

Level 3 - Pronated grip (Pull-up)

Level 4 - Add an L-sit 

Perform the exercises down below as a superset.

After one set on "A1" take a 60-90 second break. After your third set of "A1", rest 60-90 seconds then perform "A2". Repeat for set "B" and "C". 

A1) Squats 3x10 @ RPE of 5 

A2) Chin-ups 1x5-10 reps

B1) Squats 3x8 @ RPE 6-7

B2) Chin-ups 1x5-10 reps 

C1) Squats 3x5 @ RPE 7-8

C2) Chin-ups 1x5-10 reps 

Post workout stretches: 

Seated Chest Stretch 3-5x 10-20 seconds in each position

Death Stretch 3-5x hold last position for 10-30 seconds 

Shifting Pigeon Stretch 1-3x30 seconds in each position