30 - Day 

"Back to Class"


We are looking for 12 highly committed Red Deer residents

for our Back to Class Challenge!

Get back into healthy habits and a fitness routine that will get you results, guaranteed!

Apply Now if you're struggling with: 

Getting back into the fitness habit after a great summer

Finding a fitness program with long lasting results

Getting injured 

Making fitness a lifestyle 

Improving your athletic performance and physique

John lost 18 lbs, and lost over 19.25 inches

Sandra lost 25 lbs and 20 inches 

Jamie lost 15 lbs and 10 inches 

Steve dropped 19.5 lbs and 11.5 inches! 

*Results may vary

Act now and get...

Small Group Training 
We keep our group fitness classes small so we can give every participant the attention they deserve. 

Healthy Eating Meal Plan 
Quick and easy with no guesswork

Support and Accountability  
We keep you focused on crushing your goals

Goal Setting 
So you are always working towards your goal, not ours

FAT Loss, a TON of Energy, a LOT of Motivation and most of all...some FUN

The regular price for all of this is $208 per person...

But when you Sign up today, as one of the first 12 

you get everything for only $132 per person!

Save over 30%

Once we enrol 12 participants this offer will no longer be available.

100% Guarantee 

Our promise to you is simple: follow our program as it's designed and intended to give you the best results possible. We guarantee you'll look better and feel better after 6-weeks of working with us or we will refund your entire investment. 

Don't Miss Out

Our 30-Day Challenge will help you:

GAIN CONFIDENCE to rock the clothes you want to wear 

RECIPES INCLUDED. Discover when and what to eat for fat loss and overall health

ACCOUNTABILITY! Expect to be challenged, inspired, motivated, supported, educated and trained by professional fitness experts 

RESULTS. We will help you tighten, tone, lose fat and gain energy so you can attack life like you used to! 

As mentioned above we can only accommodate the first 12 people who enrol.

The reason for that is because, just like the student-to-teacher ratio is critically important in your children’s' school, so is the client-to-trainer ratio in our program. 

We have to make sure you get ALL the personalized attention, coaching and guidance you need to achieve tremendous results...

...because it's accountability, combined with our expertly designed programming, that makes all the difference.

Group Fitness Classes 

Group Fitness Classes are offered Monday - Saturday from 6 AM - 7 PM on select days. All listed classes below are for all fitness levels. 

Read on, for more information about our Group Fitness Classes. Click here for class schedule. 

Movement & Mobility

Feeling tight or sore?

Movement and Mobility is centered around 

improving range of motion in your joints, balance, flexibility, and overall health, with step-by-step progressions.


We use a variety of methods and tools to get you STRONGER overall. If you're looking to improve your physique or athletic performance this is a great class! 


Develop endurance, the will to push through fatigue, and increase sport performance. Great for fat loss and cardio. 

Muay Thai & Kickboxing

Train for fitness or for competition.


Muay Thai & Kickboxing is focused on learning the martial art of striking and training like competitive fighters in a friendly but competitive atmosphere. 

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