Summer Bodyweight Workout

It is finally starting to feel like summer out there! With all the adventures, camping, vacations etc. It can be tough making it into the gym (especially if it's already been a while :-P). BUT!! We have got you covered! Give this bodyweight workout a try anywhere! No equipment necessary. We have even linked short demonstration videos for your convenience. Give this one a shot and let us know how it went :) Workout #1 General Mobilization Bear Walks 2x15-20 feet forward and backwards Single Leg Anterior Chain Stretch 2×5 Lizard Stretch 2x5 Shifting Pigeons 2x5 seconds in each position Squat to Flexion Drill 1x10 Preparation: Ankle Stretches and Prep 2×3-5 in each direction Shin Boxe

Heather's Fitness Lifestyle

Our friend Heather started her fitness journey by deciding for her 40th birthday she was going to complete a sprint triathlon. Having recently started lane swimming, she was amazed at how difficult a work out it was, but when she got out of the pool, her joints didn't feel so beat up. Completing a triathlon was a huge challenge for her but she enjoyed the challenge and she also liked how it was three sports combined into one. As an ACAC all star volleyball player in college, Heather grew up being coached so naturally she thought she should train to do the race but she had little knowledge of the sport and was too busy to commit to a local triathlon club. Heather first started training on her

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