Endurance Athlete's: Busting Through Plateaus

Regardless of what program or training schedule, many endurance athletes stop progressing because they aren’t balanced and overload one area of their bodies and under stimulate the opposing area. The goal of this article is to share some information to get yourself on the right track to a well balanced body. A well balanced body will keep you strong, conditioned and able to move pain free (for the most part) allowing you to push the limits when it really counts, without the risk of over training, or injury. I come from a competitive 8+ years in Martial Arts/ Muay Thai in which I’ve put in countless hours training and competing in Muay Thai. In order to prepare for competition. I’ve had to sp

Recovery Strategies to help get you back on Track

There’s no question our members here at Absolute Fitness train hard! But are we as diligent with our recovery? Since February, most of our members have engaged in heavy strength training a couple times a week. Consisting of big compound lifts, these workouts are killer! Since we’re on round two of the program, we thought we would share some of our favourite recovery strategies. To see consistent strength improvements, avoid injury, and overall fatigue (including emotional and mental fatigue!) we need to ensure we are doing everything we can! Our favourite and most “wallet-friendly” strategy is… sleep! It is vital in order to keep your strength momentum going, you just need rest. Good old f

Tori's new found Passion

Tori mooney is a local full time Red Deer College student. Tori’s usually busy studying hard at the college, running from class to class, spending her spare time, also studying hard, earning top grades in her studies. Being such a busy college student Tori found herself neglecting her fitness and not feeling very good about it. Tori says that growing up she had never been an athletic person, she had never gone hiking, or even played frisbee. Tori says “I was so self conscious that I would embarrass myself, attempting to do something like joining a fitness class, because I felt like I couldn’t do anything.” With this negative mindset Tori set out and attempted to figure out fitness quietly o

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