3 Key Components Every Training Program Should Have

Do you feel like you're wasting your time in the gym? Is your program giving you the strength and athleticism you need? Did you know there are 3 Key Components every program should have?! These missing components are the reason for disappointing results and/or injury. As a Strength and Conditioning Coach @ Absolute Fitness Red Deer, our programs have helped plenty of athletes: Finish Obstacle Course Race runs - in record time Compete in professional and amateur Muay Thai/Kickboxing and MMA Break provincial and national records in swimming Balance Triathletes to avoid burnout and injury Help first responders stay healthy and fit for their job We are dedicated to creating strong, powerful and

Vladimirs Battle to Recovery

Meet Vladimir Quijada an avid fitness student, head coach, and co-owner of Absolute Fitness. Vladimir is an active person who enjoys being outdoors riding his bike, hiking, and spending time with his family, but his real passion lays in the martial arts. Vladimir knew and understood that in order to be successful in the martial arts he had to train and train hard. So he made training a part of his lifestyle, training hard Monday - Saturday, training 2-3 hours or more per day. Things were going good at first but after a few years of training hard, Vladimir began to feel shoulder pain, back pain and had some achy knees. Vladimir knew he had to do something about these issues before they start

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