November, The Calm Before The Storm

With the Christmas season right around the corner, most people are beginning to brace themselves for the chaos of the holiday season. So how do we keep on top of all of our fitness goals while embracing the upcoming festivities? Consider this: a failure to plan is a plan to fail. Taking the time now to troubleshoot for the upcoming and inevitable events that will challenge your fitness progress is going to be a major key in determining your success over the next months as we approach December and all of the craziness that comes with it. So what are some holiday strategies we can implement or how can we prepare ourselves in advance? If your workouts are a priority or if your goal is to, say,

Amir Jan; Up and out of a fitness slump!

Our friend Amir Jan has lived in Red Deer for over 30 years of his life. As a young man, Amir enjoyed competing in sprinting, powerlifting and Martial Arts. Unfortunately, as he got older, life and work got in the way which caused him to slowly put his interests to the side. One day he looked himself in the mirror and barely recognized himself. That’s when he decided he wanted to make a change in his life for the better. Amir set a goal for himself to lose the extra weight that he had gained and to get back into sprinting which is something that he really enjoyed doing in his younger years. Amir wanted to prove to himself that he was still capable of pushing his limits even when no one else

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