The Missing Link To Your Fitness Goals: Mobility

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about a situation where an individual came in to our facility, and inquired about how he could join Absolute Fitness. I started off by asking him a few questions about his fitness goals and whether or not he was training at the moment. I told him that we could help him take action and then I proceeded to give him the first few steps that he could take in order to start seeing results in a fitness program at Absolute Fitness! To review, the first steps were: start drinking more water, get adequate rest, and start focussing on getting proper nutrition to fuel his workouts and life in general. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, have an “I can do this” mindset. I

Stephanie Van Herk's First Gym Experience!

Stephanie Van Herk is originally from Ontario, but she moved to Alberta a few years ago for school and work. Stephanie is currently living here in Red Deer and working as an electrician. In Ontario, Stephanie enjoyed playing hockey in her local hockey league- but after moving to Alberta, she wasn’t able to find a team to play with. No longer playing hockey to stay active, Stephanie began to gain weight and she started feeling sluggish with low energy levels. She began to worry that she would end up with long term issues due to her inactivity that would make her life more difficult as time went on (lack of mobility, weight gain, etc.) This was something that Stephanie did not want to experien

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