Getting started!?!?!

Not too long ago, we had some mechanical issues with our building, so we had a few workers walking through Absolute Fitness, and using our janitor’s room. It was a few days before they finished up and one of the workers, an older gentleman, came by the front desk to thank us for our patience and allowing them to use our janitor room, etc. He mentioned how he had seen some of our clients doing some pretty cool things in our classes and was curious about how to join Absolute Fitness. I asked him to tell me a little bit about himself and his fitness goals. He mentioned that he was 53 years old and he wanted to regain his fitness and feel better about himself. He was gaining weight, and he was e

Nicki Gillilands Practice

Nicki Gilliland is a busy 25 year old local Red Deer resident. Nicki works as a full time caregiver, and enjoys practicing yoga. A few years ago Nicki’s love for yoga took her on a trip to Thailand where she spent 5 weeks getting deeper into her yoga practice. While in Thailand a friend of hers took her on a trip to Phuket. In Phuket Nicki had the pleasure of watching an authentic Muay Thai bout for the very first time. She watched as the first fights took place which were young kids from the ages of 7-10 years old. She was amazed by all the older competitors who showed such incredible technique and skill. The trip into Phuket, Thailand sparked Nicki’s curiosity for the martial arts. Nicki s

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