Thoughts on Mobility and Flexibility

Mobility and flexibility are quite often neglected and misunderstood by many athletes and gym enthusiasts. The focus, by most, is getting bigger and stronger, primarily for the aesthetic properties of fitness. Of course it’s great to be strong and look good but, if your an athlete that’s stiff and can’t move efficiently, you may be cutting yourself short in your athletic performance. Getting a proper mobility and flexibility program may be what you need to maximize athletic performance. Flexibility and mobility are often misinterpreted as one and the same but they are quite different. Flexibility is defined as the range of motion of your joints or the ability of your joints to move freely. M

Rest, Recovery and Nutrition

Rest, recovery, and nutrition are 3 simple things that are essential to every person's health and fitness. Everybody knows this, yet there are not many people that actually implement rest, recovery and proper nutrition in order to take care of their health and perform at their highest level. It’s crucial to plan rest and recovery time into your training program or you'll risk burning out. What you may not know is, that there is a difference between rest and recovery. If you're like us, at Absolute Fitness, and you enjoy training at a high intensity, rest and recovery is vital to your performance. Here’s a few tips to improve your rest and recovery: Sleep Rest can simply be stated as time spe

Six Components of Absolute Fitness

Here at Absolute Fitness, we like to train hard and train smart. We focus a lot of our time on our weaknesses and fine tuning motor skills and movement patterns. Why do we do this? To answer this question, let's first take a look at our background. Will and I come from a competitive Martial Arts/Muay Thai background where our fitness was not so much about our looks but rather, our performance. We were putting in hours of work to get stronger, stay at a certain weight, and stay mobile enough to move through a variety of different methods of punching, kicking and technical movements. Obtaining and maintaining a high level of fitness was a constant challenge we needed to meet to be competitive

Getting Fit is Easy!

I was on the internet one day and I noticed this video claiming that it’s easy to get rich. The man in the video is Jim Rohn, I guess, he was a pretty famous motivational speaker. I wanted to hear how he thought getting rich was easy, because I’ve been trying to get rich, and to me it hasn’t been that easy. As I listened to him talk about how easy it was to get rich. It made me think about fitness, and how it relates to his speech, getting rich is easy. This is what he was saying when converted to fitness ideals, Getting fit is easy! Let me tell you how getting fit is easy. We’ve created a community of people that want to be fit. We encourage each other to show up to the gym and train. We ba

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