Will Quijada

Coach Will first started his fitness journey by training in the martial arts. To become a better athlete he used strength and conditioning to supplement his martial arts. As he became more and more competitive he seeked out help from local coaches and personal trainers but he found that there was no-one around who understood the required physical attributes of a martial artist. This lack of information, in the community of Red Deer, led will to travel to Thailand to do his own study and research to his questions of how to become a better martial artist and athlete.

The more Coach Will learned the more he felt he had to give back. His number one goal is to motivate and reach out to as many local athletes as he can, in Red Deer and the surrounding area, so that they may reach their fitness goals and discover what they are truly capable of. Helping people and watching them succeed motivates Coach Will to learn more and become a better coach.


Coach Will believes in leading by example and does everything he asks of his clients. Training 4-6x a week he makes sure to train in all fields from, mobility, flexibility, strength, speed, endurance, Muay Thai, etc.
He keeps track of what he eats and takes his recovery very seriously. 

Look out for his next fight to be announced soon.

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