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Vladimir Quijada

Coach Vladimir’s fitness journey began when he started training in the martial arts. Martial arts was a way to stay healthy and fit in a more engaging and meaningful way than just lifting weights.


He developed a passion for the martial arts and began to take it seriously and in the next few years he climbed in the ranks to become a local muay thai champion. The martial arts demanded a training regimen that challenged his body with explosive movements with dynamic speed and lasting endurance, requiring him to search for a uniquely stimulating program for hybrid athletes like himself.

Coach Vladimir’s goal is to motivate all members to reach their maximum athletic potential, while keeping them safe from injury, regardless of their sport or personal fitness goals. His approach to training is direct and focused on building strong basics in an engaging and detailed class setting, where members can work out side by side without fear of being judged or intimidated.

Coach Vladimir believes in leading by example and trains 3-5x a week using the same workouts, methods, and strategies that are taught at Absolute Fitness. Vladimir trains this hard so that he is able to keep up with the members that are currently training with him at Absolute Fitness. His biggest reason for leading such an active lifestyle is to be a positive role model for his family, his son Cameron, and his new born daughter, Viviana.

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