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Rebecca Quijada

Coach Rebecca’s fitness journey began when she was an early teenager who struggled with her weight and self esteem. To help her overcome her struggle she joined a kickboxing gym, where her brothers were training, and started training in the martial arts.

Training in the martial arts helped her lose weight, which in turn helped her self-esteem, and confidence. While training she had an idea that she could help people build their own self confidence by helping them move and reach their own fitness goals.

Coach Rebecca’s goal is to motivate all members to reach their own best self possible, while giving them a boost to their self confidence, regardless of their past or personal fitness goals. Her approach to training is to commit herself to learn and push through limits because she believes that the only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves.

Coach Rebecca believes in leading by example and 

trains up to 5x a week. she focuses on strength 3x a week and trains mobility 2x a week to keep her joints mobile and healthy. Rebecca trains hard so that she is able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. She likes to participate in local events such as ½ marathons and OCR’s, but the biggest motivation, for training so hard, is to keep up with her 3 young boys and be a positive influence in their lives.

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