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6-Week Fitness Challenge 

An incredible physique and athletic performance is within your reach, in 6-Weeks.

We deliver innovative body transforming results in short periods of time, no matter what your age, condition or genetics.


Our programs safely deliver improvements in strength, physique and cardio conditioning. 

We teach you how to make the impossible, possible.

We Help Struggling People Get Lasting Results

Most people feel inadequate in their ability to get results in the gym. They believe it’s impossible for anyone to achieve significant fitness gains in mobility, strength, fat-loss, and cardio conditioning, simultaneously, which we know is a fallacy - you can achieve these results! 

Get The Results You've Always Wanted 

We deliver substantial progress in physical strength and cardiovascular performance to our clients that are in addition to the physical body changes they experience. We are able to facilitate this as we believe everyone has the ability to achieve their goals and we're here to help deliver those results in the most efficient way possible. 

How It Works 

To create a long-term, amazing body transformation you’ll need to learn and master the following three components:

1. Exercise Technique

Using optimized exercise technique is critical for safety, strength and on-going progression. 

As you embark on your fitness journey, your technique must get refined to maximize strength and benefits of the excercise.

We’ll show you step-by-step the optimal (and required) techniques and their subtleties to master each exercise and minimize risk of injury as you progress through higher and higher strength levels.

2. Optimization Of Nutrition

You also cannot progress if your nutrition and your workouts are not in sync. The food you eat is very personal to each individual and if you battle through hunger or if your body is craving something that’s missing, you will have difficulty meeting your goals.

Nutrition is crucial, BUT…it doesn’t have to be a battle! 

We’ll show you how to optimize nutrition to avoid the struggle and to get the transformations you desire.

3. Exercise Programming 

Great technique and great nutrition are not sufficient for results. You will require optimal programming, last but not least. And since the vast majority of people do not get results (and most fitness coaches fail to deliver results for their clients), something is clearly broken within their fitness programming.  

We are often enticed by the idea of pushing ourselves to our limits and sure, it's inspiring talk, but it’s no way to get long-term results you're looking for and is physiologically counterproductive.

Our program keeps our clients climbing the fitness achievement ladder while encouraging longevity, efficiency, and enjoyment of movement. 

See Absolute Fitness' Amazing Results 

Our program has produced incredible results with every client, every time. By showing you how to take control of your life.

 Transform Your Life 

Join us, let's get you started on your journey to a pain free, stronger, well conditioned body. We'll even let you bring a friend!

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Who We Are

We are Absolute Fitness, a team that is passionate about health, fitness and our clients.


We are dedicated athletes always seeking improvement and our aim is to continuously further our knowledge as professionals. Our mandate is that we are strong fitness leaders while bringing the best practices to our students.

No one makes it to the top without a strong and supportive team. We aim to be that support for our clients, and do our best to ensure client success in their health and fitness journey. We aspire to inspire our clients to push forward towards their goals.

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