Who this is for  

  • For active people who want to stay active

  • Athletes who need to be strong and conditioned for their sport

  • For those who want to build solid foundations in their kettlebell and free weight techniques

  • For people who want to see real progress in their training

Who We Are

We are Absolute Fitness, a team that is passionate about health, fitness, and sports.

Absolute Fitness was founded by Will and Vladimir Quijada. They're martial arts enthusiasts who wanted to push themselves as far as possible. 

Years ago while competing in the martial arts they needed a way of training that would complement their  martial arts without taking any of their athleticism away from the sport they practiced. 

Searching around Red Deer they found nothing was really geared for the type of training they were looking for. 

They needed a form of training that would get them strong, agile, and give them endless stamina.


But they also needed to be able to train and compete in the sport they were pursuing. 

unable to find the training they needed they decided to do their own research and developed a method of training that gave them exactly what they needed. Strength, conditioning, and mobility, 


This form of training gave them the ability to train hard and get real noticeable results while still allowing them to train and compete in their sport (the martial arts). 

Absolute Fitness aims to be strong fitness leaders, who bring the best fitness practices to our clients. We wish to help develop people from all fitness levels to become dedicated fitness enthusiasts.  

No one makes it to the top without a strong and supportive team. We aim to be that strong support for our clients so they can be successful in their health and fitness journey.


We bring the energy and inspire our clients to push forward, towards their goals.

What you can expect

  • 1 hour long classes 

  • Classes led by qualified instructors that teach you everything you need to know to get the best results possible

  • Learn dynamic warmup & prep exercises to keep you training injury free 

  • Work on proper form, technique and progressions, to help you reach your health and fitness goals faster & safely!

  • Improve athletic performance - strength, endurance, and recovery

  • Easy to follow meal plans (vegan, vegetarian & GF options available).

  • Our Coaching staff will guide you every step of the way,

Some of our Amazing Members results


What are the times for classes?

-Classes run  Monday - Saturday. We have a few different times you can join.

- 6:00 am 

- 9:30 am 

- 12:00 pm 

- 6:00 pm 

- 7:00 pm

- 8:00 pm

Do you have to sign up for a specific time? 

No you are free to move around but you will be required to sign in before hand to your preferred class

I'm not an athlete can I still join?

Yes of course anybody can join. You may experience a bit of a learning curve but you'll catch on right away. We've helped hundreds of people with little to no fitness experience transform themselves into knowledgeable fitness enthusiasts. 

Is this challenge free?

No. We work hard to bring you the best and most up to date training available so we charge accordingly.

Are there treadmills and somewhere to watch T.V.?

No. During our workouts we pay attention to what's happening with our bodies. That way we can figure out our strengths and our weakness, helping us better train our bodies to get better results 

What's the cost for this challenge?

the cost is $397 for the entire challenge. 

Where We're Located

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