Kettlebell Challenge 

Kettlebells are a time-tested fitness tool. The origin of kettlebells traces back to Russia over 300 years ago! ​Kettlebells may have just made their way into the fitness spotlight, but they are anything but a new fad. Kettlebells have stood the test of time because they are incredibly simple to use but also, a very effective tool to increase muscular endurance, shed unwanted pounds and build strength.

The many benefits of kettlebell training are undeniable.


Our 21-day program is a combination of these three elements:

1. Effective, safe and fun kettlebell instruction and exercises.

2. Nutritional guidance and meal planning - learn how to fuel your body like an athlete.


3. The magic of coaching and accountability from qualified kettlebell training experts. ​

And... if you're one of the first 10 people to register now by completing the form on this page or calling us at

403 347 9669, we'll give you the entire 21-day program for just $97 (a savings of $100 off our regular price) AND throw in our 90-minute Kettlebell Workshop on Saturday, March 24th @ 1 PM (value $30) absolutely FREE. ​

It's that simple.​

But you need to hurry because we can only accept 15 participants into this program.


Absolute Fitness is​ the leading functional training facility in Red Deer, and that's because we're committed to the success of our clients.​


We look forward to meeting you and getting you the body you've always wanted.

To your health and fitness,


Will & Vladimir Quijada 

Owners, Absolute Fitness 

403 347 9669 

Who Is This For? 

You do not have to be in amazing shape to start.

This program is designed for all fitness levels.

Advanced exercises and variations available :) 

  • Must be willing to come to our facility 3x/week

  • Must enjoy working in a group environment 

  • Must be committed to making change

  • Not everybody is coming in with a weight loss goal - All fitness goals are welcome!

  • Must have the discipline to apply our nutrition plan

Choose a Track:

  • Track 1 - Tuesday & Thursday @ 6 AM 

  • Track 2 - Monday & Wednesday @ 9:30 AM

  • Track 3 - Tuesday & Thursday @ 12 PM 

  • Track 4 - Monday & Wednesday @ 5 PM 

  • Track 5 - Monday & Wednesday @ 7 PM 

ALL tracks include Saturday @ 1 PM 


Click PDF to download schedule 

Who We Are

We are Absolute Fitness a business built by an awesome group of people that are dedicated to helping Red Deer and the surrounding area with their fitness goals.

The fitness industry is ever evolving and it is our job to further our knowledge as professionals so that we may be strong fitness leaders & bring the best practices to our clients.


We know no one makes it to the top without a strong and supportive team. We aim to be that strong support for our clients to be successful in their fitness journey. We bring the energy and inspire our clients to push forward towards their goals.

What To Expect

  • Learn Kettlebell basics and fundamentals 

  • Learn how to use a kettlebell safely and effectively 

  • ​Learn proper grip, alignment, breathing techniques and much more

  • Learn why so many athletes, first responders and military use kettlebell training 

  • Learn how to utilize kettlebell training to achieve your fitness goal

  • Learn progressions and regressions to keep challenging yourself

Why You Should Give Us A Try 

Stephanie trained her strength and conditioning at Absolute Fitness leading up to a 132lb WKA Western Canadian title fight in Red Deer.

Stephanie used a mix of kettlebell and body weight training to ensure her explosive power was ready for a 5 round war. After this fight Stephanie went on to represent Canada at WAKO worlds in Budapest, Hungary in 2017.  

Jamie lost over 10 lbs got in amazing shape working with kettlebells and bodyweight in our group classes. Jamie now competes in hip hop dance and Obstacle Course Races (OCR)

Austin did his strength and conditioning training at Absolute Fitness and won the 135lb Bantamweight Havoc Championship title. 

He was prepared to go 5x5 minute rounds but got the job done in 2 rounds. 

Austin was ranked #2 bantamweight in Canada in 2017.

Mark travels the world performing Freestyle Motocross (FMX) stunts in front of thousands! When Mark is in town you can find him working in our athlete workouts which utilizes a ton of kettlebells, bodyweight and barbell training. 

What Are You Waiting For

If you want to learn and refine your kettlebell technique, improve your athletic performance and physique, take the first step by completing the form below right now.

If you'd prefer to speak with us, call 403 347 9669 and mention that you're interested in the 21-day challenge.

21-Day Challenge Starts 

Monday, March 26th, 2018 

Interested in joining our 90-minute Kettlebell workshop?

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Join the challenge and get the workshop included for free!

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